The New Normal For My Tip Top Nails Clients

At the start of these unprecedented times, I was worried about when and how I could continue to give the best service to my customers. After extensive research I am confident about the changes I have made.

I have spent many days researching the new guidelines as set out from scientists and industry experts, including government advice. I am confident that the new procedures on top of my already strict protocols will ensure your health and wellbeing, as this always my top priority. I am ready and excited to be welcomed back with a clean, safe and well ventilated service in the comfort of your own home.

I have implemented the following to help minimise any risk to you or me during my visit to your house.

I have recently taken part on The BARBICIDE®️ COVID-19 Certification Course, which presents the most current information thats is pertinent to the Professional Beauty Professional. (See My Certification)

I will be sending out a Questionnaire, (Download Questionnaire here) which is designed to ensure that I will not attend an appointment if any of my clients should be feeling unwell or show any signs/symptoms. This should be filled in and returned to me, if possible by email or handed to me when I arrive for your appointment. PLEASE if you answer yes to any of the questions understand that I will not be attending your appointment. I will rearrange for another time when you are feeling better. This will need to fill in before every appointment, and held on file in line with the Government Data Protection policy.

Currently I will ask that there is only yourself and I in the room where your treatment is going to be carried out. Any other members of your household are to maintain the 2 metre distancing rule. This is to minimise any unnecessary risks to both of us.

On arrival at you home, I will be wearing a fresh clean mask and apron. My shoes will be left at your front door on a piece of couch roll. I will set up all of my equipment. I will be supplying you with a face mask and visor to wear on arrival and require you to wear during your treatment. The only thing that I will need you to provide is a chair for yourself and an electricity point. Once all of my equipment has been set up I will require you and I to thoroughly was our hands and scrub under your nails. Once seated at my table I will then sanitise my hands and yours, and then I will put on my gloves. Each client will be supplied their own disposable mask for each appointment. A hessian draw string bag will be given to you and is yours to keep at home. This will contain your own file/files, buffer block, orange stick and nail brush. Please keep this in your home after all of the items have been cleaned and sanitised. If, any of these items are lost or misplaced and not available for your next appointment, I will be carrying spares but there will be a charge for any replaced items.

Improvements To My Service

I will be bringing into every client’s appointment a dust extraction unit, which will ensure that all dust during your appointment will be captured at source. All items of equipment will be cleaned and sanitised at the start and end of every treatment. I will have sets of tools, so that one set can be sanitised and cleaned ready for my next appointment. I will also be wearing fresh clean uniform each day, that will be washed at 60 degree at the end of each day.

Inline with out British Beauty Council guidelines, I would ask anyone with allergies or hay fever issues to take an antihistamine tablet before your appointment.

I would prefer not to take cash during these unprecedented times, so I would therefore request that you pay for your treatment via bank transfer or by Paypal.

Due to the new standards in my sanitising & disinfection procedures and increase cost of PPE there will be a slight increase in your treatment price; this is to cover these additional expenses.

I am excited and looking forward to being welcomed back into your home and I hope this reassures you that I am doing everything I can to ensure your health, safety and wellbeing during my visit in these unusual times.

With Best Regard to my Valued Customers